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The Poseidon Adventure: A Down-Side-Up Story of Ocean Thermal Energy Conversion

Info: Jun 17 • Wed • 7:00pm • Architecture Auditorium • FREE and open to the public • Parking $3, upper campus UH Manoa. • For more information, call 956-8246.

The tropical ocean is the largest energy resource in the world and is available through the use of technology that has been proven in Hawai`i. Dr. Hans Krock discusses how global warming has actually made this technology more efficient and the global economic crisis has made tapping this resource on a large scale inevitable.

HANS KROCK is an Emeritus Professor of Ocean and Resources Engineering at UH Manoa and has worked for three decades to develop a practical and economic approach to design, build and use OTEC systems to produce base-load electricity, transportation fuel, cold water air conditioning, and fresh water.

Funded in part by the Shunzo Sakamaki Extraordinary Lecture Endowment at the University of Hawai`i Foundation and the Hawai`i Energy Policy Forum`s Koaniani Fund at the Hawaii Community Foundation.

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