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Building a Better Web with HTML5 and CSS3

Event ID: L11142
Info: Oct 2-3 • Sat/Sun • 9:00am-4:00pm • 2 mtgs • UHM Sakamaki C104, Manoa MultiMedia Lab • $270
With: Stephanie Sullivan Rewis

Although HTML5 and CSS3 aren't even finalized, many people are already excited about them; many others are even designing with them -- but will the results be a blessing or a disaster? In this session, Stephanie demonstrates the latest HTML5 structural elements, form markup, and ways of presenting audio and video; then she adds cutting-edge CSS3 features for easier implementation of visual effects, enhanced typography, color treatment, and object effects -- all with a focus on satisfying your cravings for tomorrow's technologies through practical implementations today. Welcome to the next generation of web design!

Class covers:

HTML5, CSS3 & Mobile Training

What is HTML5 and where did it come from?

HTML5 Structural elements
What they are
When to use them
How to style them
Supporting old browsers & Internet Explorer

HTML5 Text elements
New text elements
New meaning of old elements
New global attributes
The new HTML5 outline structure
Making sure people understand - WAI-ARIA
Making sure machines understand - Microformats & Microdata

HTML5 Forms
New input types
New attributes
Form validation

Rich Media
What is native multimedia and when should I use it
Video Codecs
Custom Controls
Native vector graphics
Canvas basics - drawing with javascript
SVG basics - drawing with XML

Back-end HTML5 overview
Web Storage API
Web SQL Databases API
Offline web applications
Drag and Drop API
Geolocation API
Web Messaging API
Web Workers API
Web Sockets API

What is CSS3 and how is it being created?
Browser implementation
What can we use now?
Progressive enhancement
Graceful degradation
Important tools

Advanced selectors
Structural selectors
Attribute selectors
Browser support
jQuery fallback

Color module

Web fonts

Text module
Text-overflow and white-space

Backgrounds and borders module
Border properties
Border images
Box shadow
Multiple backgrounds
Background clip, origin and size

Layout Modules
Multi-column layout
Flexible box layout

CSS Gradients
Linear gradients
Radial gradients
Creative uses dual color non-gradients

CSS Transition animations
What elements can carry transitions?
Angles, times and frequencies

CSS Transforms
2D Transforms module
Tilting and movement
3D Transforms module

Media Queries
Targeting media sizes

Future of CSS - what can we use soon

Founder and principal of web standards redesign company W3Conversions, Stephanie Sullivan Rewis is a Dreamweaver, accessibility, CSS, and X/HTML expert, whose services are in demand by top firms across the United States. She's a top gun that companies go to for troubleshooting problems, training their web team, or to work behind-the-scenes transforming their in-house designs into functioning standard-based websites. She wrote the CSS Layouts included in Dreamweaver CS3 and updated for Dreamweaver CS5, is the liaison to Adobe for the Web Standards Project (WaSP) and regularly writes articles and does training for corporations. Though an admitted workaholic, she escapes from the little people inside her computer to play beach volleyball. Her guilty pleasure? 80's music.

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