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TechHui Conference 2011

Event ID: L11707
Info: Dec 10 • Sat • 9:00am-5:30pm • 1 mtg • UHM Art Auditorium • $35 general, $25 TechHui members

The goal of the conference is to highlight interesting Hawai'i-based people, projects and organizations working in science, technology and interactive design. We seek to facilitate education and networking within the Hawai'i technology community as well as helping Hawaii technologists connect with global technology leaders.

9:00-10:15am - Keynote with Physicist Garrett Lisi - Geometric Theory of Everything

Track 1 - Social Media
Dan Zelikman, Civil Beat
John Garcia, Green House Innovation Hub
Tara Coomans, Akamai Marketing

Track 2 - Gov. Tech: Mobile Apps, Web & Broadband
Forest Frizzell, City and County of Honolulu
Yuka Nagashima, High Tech Development Corp

Noon-1:00pm - lunch

Track 1 - Mobile Development
Rama McIntosh, Meme Inc
Chad Podoski, Shacked
Cory Shaw, User Kind

Track 2 - Kukui Cup Gamification of Energy Conservation
Philip Johnson, Professor, UHM Information & Computer Science
Robert Brewer, software developer
George Lee, ICS graduate student

2:45-4:00pm - Ignite organized with HI Capacity: HI
Chae Ho Lee - Designing for the Screen: Not Just a World of Surface
Nicole Hori - Rediscovered Technology
Kevin Hughes - Great Examples of Cross-Device Design
Olin Lagon - How a Local Nonprofit Engaged Over 100K+ People with $0 Marketing
Gorm Lai - Global Game Jam - Channelling the Energy of Thousands of Creatives Across the Globe
James Wang - Software Development Communication
April Young - 3D Printing: Uses in Prototyping, Art and Future Possibilities

4:15-5:30pm - 3D CG & Animation
Todd Robertson, Hyperspective
Remo Balcells, VFX Supervisor
Jared Matsushige, Hawaii Film Partners, Hawaii Animation Studios
David Hotnianski, Avatar-Reality, Hyperspective
Gerard Banel, Syflex Software

Friday night labs, December 9
6:00-7:45pm - Game Design with IGDA in UHM Krauss 12
8:00-9:45pm - Robotics with Makers in UHM Sakamaki C104

Cosponsored by Ikayzo, PubCon, HTDC, Migration Counsel, UH Mechanical Engineering Design Competition. .

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