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Visual Alchemy: Take Your Pictures From “Almost” To “Wow”

Event ID: L13070
Info: Apr 11-12, 2014 • Fri/Sat • 9:00am-4:00pm • 2 mtgs • UHM Krauss 012 • $250
With: Jean Miele

If we all use the same tools (cameras, light, computers), why do some photographers produce consistently exceptional work? Because they understand the magic necessary to transform what’s in front of the camera into a stunning photograph.

Learn what you need to know to create stronger, more striking images. Jean Miele shares his secrets, helps you figure out what’s missing from your pictures, and teaches the Photoshop, LightRoom and shooting techniques you need to take your work to the next level.

Time is divided between photographing on-location and refining our images in the digital lab. Field trips emphasize pre-visualization and camera skills. Lab time focuses on post-visualization and image processing, with step-by-step demonstrations using Photoshop adjustment layers and masks as well as Lightroom and Camera Raw for raw processing. The emphasis is on using vision, light (natural & artificial) and powerful, flexible, non-destructive local adjustments to redirect attention in your photographs. Lessons, critiques and discussions are lively, friendly and encouraging.

Prerequisite: Participants should be comfortable with computers and have a basic familiarity with Adobe Photoshop or Lightroom.
Please bring digital cameras and hard drives/jump drives with images to class.

Recognized for his finely crafted digital photographs, Jean Miele's photographs have been exhibited in galleries from New York to Norway. He is also internationally known as an educator whose "digital darkroom" workshops demystify Photoshop and empower students to realize their own photographic vision. Jean has taught for ICP, Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Fuji USA, B&H, Maine Media Workshops, Anderson Ranch, and many others. To see his latest work, please visit: www.jeanmiele.com

Supported in part by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

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