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Photoshop Retouching Clinic

Event ID: L13072
Info: Apr 13, 2014 • Sun • 1:00-4:00pm • 1 mtg • UHM Sakamaki C104, Manoa MultiMedia Lab • $75
With: Jean Miele

Regardless of subject matter – whether you’re enhancing people pictures, still-life, or art photos – retouching helps photographers realize their vision for each image. This session focuses on answering questions about pro-level Photoshop retouching techniques. Learn to take advantage of Photoshop layers and masks for non-destructive editing (work with a safety-net so you can change your mind later). Apply the clone stamp and spot healing tools to enhance skin and remove unwanted elements. Use transform tools, puppet warp, and the liquify filter to reshape and re-structure images. Finally, no workshop that includes “perfecting” techniques is complete without lively discussions about the ethical implications of image manipulation.

Recognized for his finely crafted digital photographs, Jean Miele's photographs have been exhibited in galleries from New York to Norway. He is also internationally known as an educator whose "digital darkroom" workshops demystify Photoshop and empower students to realize their own photographic vision. Jean has taught for ICP, Adobe Systems, Apple Computer, Fuji USA, B&H, Maine Media Workshops, Anderson Ranch, and many others. To see his latest work, please visit: www.jeanmiele.com

Supported in part by the State Foundation on Culture and the Arts.

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