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Web Design Certificate Program

This certificate program is being updated and is not being offered at the present.

This new certificate program is an effective, time-efficient way to build a stable and adaptable set of skills for the multimedia world. Students explore the technology, design skills, project management, and creative capacity of this rapidly growing, diverse, and vital industry.

The faculty consists of cutting-edge professionals from both the State of Hawaiʻi and the U.S. mainland. To insure responsiveness to new developments in the industry, Outreach College is developing collaborative relationships with innovative companies such as Adobe and Apple. As new software solutions become available, Pacific New Media can offer classes and workshops immediately following release of new programs and upgrades to existing ones.

The Web Design Curriculum incorporates a series of courses designed to develop an understanding of the core concepts and practical methods of multimedia design and production. It combines theory with hands-on applications in the computer lab in order to provide a broad knowledge of the skills necessary for web design and production. At the close of the program, all participants produce a creative project in web design, which is planned and implemented in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Click here for a printable application form (PDF format)
(Adobe Acrobat Reader required)

Required Workshops-Web Design Certificate Program

DESIGN/CONTENT  (20 hours)
Design fundamentals - 4 hrs
User Interface/Information Design - 12 hrs
Writing for the Web - 4 hrs

TECHNICAL  (57 hours)
Intro to Web Design Process - 3 hrs
HTML - 6 hours
CSS - 6 hours
Web Authoring Apps (e.g.dreamweaver, wordpress) - 12 hours
Photoshop - 12 hrs
Web Workflow - 6 hours
Setting Up a Working Website - 12 hrs

Project Management - 6 hrs
Strategic Marketing - 6 hrs
Legal Issues - 3 hours
Social Media - 12 hours

ELECTIVES  (18 hours)
Databases / eCommerce / PHP
Responsive Design
Javascript / jQuery
Final Cut Pro or Premiere
Search Engine Optimization


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