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Digital Imaging and Design Certificate Program

This certificate program is being updated and is not being offered at the present.

The Digital Imaging Certificate program incorporates a series of courses designed to develop an understanding of the core concepts, visual language/theory and practical methods of photography in the 21st century including digital capture, image editing and manipulation, methods of publishing and delivering images in both web and print, high-quality ink-jet printing and professional methods. It combines theory with hands-on applications in the computer lab and field in order to provide a broad knowledge of the skills necessary for digital imaging and production. At the close of the program, all participants produce a creative portfolio, which is planned and implemented in consultation with a faculty advisor.

Each participant in the digital imaging program selects a faculty advisor from amongst the core PNM faculty to provide guidance and ongoing feedback. The Certificate program insures a solid and sequential learning experience that leads to a high level of professional skill upon completion.

For questions or to request a brochure please call 956-3422 or email. For more information, download the DIC information flyer (pdf) and printable application form (pdf).

Required Workshops for Digital Imaging Certificate Program

Know your Camera 1 and 2 - 6 hours each
Vision and Discovery - 6 hour
Photography with a Conscience - 6 hours

TECHNICAL  (52 hours)

DESIGN OR WEB  (12 hours)
Dreamweaver - 6 hours
CSS - 6 hours
Flash - 6 hours

Strategic Marketing - 6 hrs
Legal Issues - 3 hours

ELECTIVES  (12 hours)
On Assignment - 6 hours
Photographing Children - 6 hours
Photographic Lighting - 6 hours
Dynamic Portrait - 6 hours


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