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Social Media Certificate Program

This certificate program is being updated and is not being offered at the present.

Social Media has transformed the way we view the world. This program demystifies social media and gives you the information and tools to effectively operate in this constantly changing environment. Explore the possibilities and limitations of various social media. Learn to apply and adapt communication and marketing strategies to construct and evaluate social communication, their impact, and their practical use.

Each participant in the social media program selects a faculty advisor from amongst the core PNM faculty to provide guidance and ongoing feedback. The Certificate program insures a solid and sequential learning experience that leads to a high level of professional skill upon completion.

Throughout the program, participants are expected to join and participate in appropriate social networks. At the close of the program, participants are expected to produce a public project in social media, such as a social media campaign, developing social media for a non-profit or other community venture, or ongoing blog.

For questions or to request a brochure please call 956-3422 or email. For more information, download the SMC information flyer (pdf) and printable application form (pdf).

Required Workshops for the Social Media Certificate Program


What is social media and why is it important? Social media is primarily form of communication and requires writing skills and, in many cases, the ability to work with images and words effectively.

The Introduction to Social Media class provides a broad, working foundation on the different types of social media and the Introduction to Communication Skills covers basic tools in writing, photography, video, podcasting and communication methods customized for social media.

Introduction to Social Media - 3 hours (Social Media Primer)
Introduction to Communication Skills via Social Media I – 3 hours
Introduction to Communication Skills via Social Media II – 3 hours
SEO: Introduction to Search Marketing - 3 hours


Having a clearly identified message and target audience are keys to success with social media. Are you primarily concerned with communication or marketing, or both? Learn to develop best practices to engage your audience and meet your goals.

Social Media Marketing: Developing an Effective Strategy - 3 hours
Social Media: Best Practices - 3 hours
Overview of Social Media Platforms - 3 hours


Learn about the various forms of content creation, communication and marketing— to connect in a way that’s authentic and meaningful. Learn the software tools and means of methods of various social media platforms. Select amongst the courses offered based on your specific needs.

Content Creation and Engagement
Learn to use these tools to build relationships, communicate effectively and increase productivity.

Doing Business Socially on Facebook - 3 hours
Networking Your Business on Twitter - 3 hours
Blogging for Business - 3 hour
Video for the Web - 3 hours
Beginning Photoshop - 6 hours
Writing for the Web - 3 hours
Photography for Social Media (Instagram, Flickr, photo-based sharing) - 3 hours
LinkedIn – 3 hours
Google+ - 3 hours

An exploration of software solutions designed to help craft your message and build an audience. WordPress is a flexible authoring platform used to design, easily update and maintain websites, blogs, and galleries. WordPress can be easily customized for mobile delivery.

Intro to WordPress - 6 hours
Intermediate WordPress - 6 hours
Practical WordPress: Beyond the Basics - 3 hours
Google Webmaster Tools - 3 hours
Advanced SEO


Implement measurable strategies to track and measure the ROI of social media and determine the effectiveness and reach of your message.

Introduction to Web Analytics - 3 hours
Advanced Web Analytics and Conversion Optimization - 3 hours
Social Measurement - 3 hours


Address the numerous legal and ethical issues of social media platforms, and develop skills for managing a successful small business. Look at privacy concerns, copyright law, and critically examine the terms you agree to when you sign-in to a social media service.

Introduction to Social Media and the Law - 3 hours
Intellectual Property - 3 hours
Building and Maintaining a Successful Small Business in Hawaiʻi - 3 hours

FINAL PROJECT  (8 hours)

The final project is planned and implemented in consultation with a faculty advisor. Sample projects include designing and creating a social media campaign for an individual or small business, assisting the social media outreach and marketing needs of a non-profit endeavor, or creating a social media promotion such as an ongoing blog for a specific purpose, such as the need of an artist, author or musician, etc.


SMCH logo Curriculum developed with support from Social Media Club Hawaii professional members.

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