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ENG 311

The five sources of Western Literature and Culture…

ENG 321: Backgrounds of Western Literature: From Achilles to Arthur

Summer 1 (3-week intensive, May 22 – June 9)

Intensive three-week reading course of five foundational sources of Western literature and culture: ancient epic, Greek tragedy, classical mythology, the Christian Bible, Arthurian romance. Reading about 300–500 pages of literature weekly, discussion of daily reading in class-wide or smaller groups. Besides in-class participation and mandatory attendance, requirements include quizzes on all completed readings, comparative paper, and a final exam (take-home essay and in-class, open book final test).

Films related to some of the works will be available outside class, with extra credit available for reports on the viewings.

Fulfills the general education requirements: DL, and English major pre-1700 breadth requirement.

About the Instructor
Professor Mark Heberle of the UH Mānoa English Department, has taught courses on Shakespeare, John Milton, Renaissance Epic, Renaissance Non-Dramatic Literature, English Renaissance War Literature, and the Bible. He recently reviewed an English book translation of Minae Mizumuraʻs The Fall of Language in the Age of English (Columbia University Press, 2015) for Claremont Review of Books, and is currently researching an article on Shakespeareʻs Henry V. He has also published extensively on American Vietnam War literature, including the 2001 Iowa UP book, A Trauma Artist: Tim O’Brien and the Fiction of Vietnam.

For more information, call 956-3032 (Kuykendall 315) or email

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Term Dates

  • Summer 1
    May 21 – June 29, 2018
  • Summer 2
    July 2 – August 10, 2018
  • Varied Date Courses
    Class schedules vary between May 21 – August 10, 2018

  • Registration Dates
    UHM Seniors
    March 13
    UHM Continuing
    March 14
    New or Visiting
    March 20

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