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2013 KIDS FIRST! Film Festival

Summer 2014 information available in May.


The award-winning KIDS FIRST! Film Festival returns to Hawaiʻi during Summer 2013!

A project of the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media, KIDS FIRST! films are free of gratuitous violence; race, gender, or religious bias; and condescension towards children.

Supported in part by the Sidney Stern Memorial Trust.

SUNDAYS • JUNE 23 & 30; JULY 14 & 21 • 3pm
UHM Art Auditorium • FREE!

JUNE 23 •  Of Land and Sea 
Ages 4+ • 62 min

Sharks and Rays – 28 min
World Premiere!


The latest from the Dive Into Your Imagination® series of DVDs, produced and filmed by leading ocean educator Annie Crawley and her production team. Screening for the first time, this film takes you on an adventure to discover sharks and rays around the world, including the world's first shark sanctuary in Palau.

Home Was the Sailor – 4 min

Canada. Painterly animated music video.

Gus Outdoors: Lizard Town
30 min


With six-year-old naturalist Gus as host, explore the Bahamas in search of lizards, iguanas and snakes; then snorkel with creatures of the sea.

JUNE 30 •  Never Give Up 
Ages 8+ • 84 min

Left – 3 min


When a team of robots lands on a planet for a mission, one member gets accidentally left behind.

Cores e Botas/Colors and Boots – 16 min


Brazil. Joana has the same dream as all young Brazilian girls in the 80s: she wants to be a Paquita dancer on TV. But there’s a problem. Multiple award-winner. In Portuguese with subtitles.

Squeaky Business – 6 min

A photographer enters a pet photo contest, but his dog has playtime on her mind. Best Animation, Melbourne Film Festival.

The Knightswood – 15 min

Fantasy about a boy who puts aside his video game to venture into the forest. There his imagination comes to life with fair maidens and courageous knights.

Knights of the Playground
5 min

Kyle and Billy were best friends until a princess came between them. Or was it a dragon?


How to Get to Candybar – 15 min

Multiple award-winner from the director of Broadway’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! A child's imagination transforms a calloused old man into a believer. Note: the word “h**l” is used.


Recipe for Love – 4 min

Stop-motion animation about a cupcake who feels lonely after seeing other couples in the kitchen. Winner, Viewfinders NBC Universal Film Challenge.


Falling Up – 16 min

Charles discovers he has the ability to float. When pressured to fix his "problem," he finds the courage to embrace who he is. From a poem by Shel Silverstein.

King Tigermore in Strawberry Fields – 4 min

Award-winning animation synchronized to Mozart's Symphony No. 25 in G Minor. Falling asleep during a chess match, Kimi imagines the white king has come to life.

JULY 14 •  We Are The World 
Ages 5+ • 76 min


I Wish I Went to Ecuador – 6 min

U.K. Multiple award-winning animation made by children takes you into the heart of the rainforest from a child's eye view. A terrific commentary on climate change and its devastating impacts upon our planet. — Al Gore

My Best Friend – 70 min


Singapore. A girl learns the importance of trees and asks for one for her birthday. Trouble comes when a developer buys the land where her tree is planted. Award of Excellence, International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture.

JULY 21 •  That’s Life 
Ages 10+ • 90 min


Do Over – 8 min

A good first impression is key to romance. A high school sophomore veers off course and requests another chance to impress. Multiple award-winner.


Checkmate – 16 min

India. A talented boy and girl sit across from each other at a chess championship. A lot more seems to be at stake than winning the trophy. English/Subtitles.

Like Father – 9 min


Canada. On a stormy night, a dad just won’t listen and discovers his son's fear of goblins are more real than he imagined. Multiple award-winner; narrated in iambic pentameter verse.

Man of the Match – 18 min

India. Disappointed that he has to take care of his grandfather, Sohan rediscovers his friendship with the old man while watching a cricket game. English/Subtitles.

Prayers for Peace – 8 min

Screened internationally; winner of the prestigious Walt Disney Award in Ottawa. Stunning stop-motion animation addresses the memory of a brother killed in Iraq.


The Finish Line – 26 min

India. Named India’s Best Film on Sports. An athlete and a sports journalist with a shared past learn never to let others’ opinions affect life goals. English/Subtitles.

Live Outside the Box – 5 min

Multiple award-winning animation. When a workaholic’s world becomes so small there is nothing left but work, he finds the way to get his life back.


Celebrate World Oceans Month!

UHM KIDS FIRST! Film Festival 2013 takes a field trip to the Waikīkī Aquarium to celebrate National Ocean Month. KIDS FIRST! films screen throughout the day on June 12, 19 and 26 in the Aquarium's SeaVisions Theatre.

Three films from the Dive Into Your Imagination® series, produced by ocean educator Annie Crawley:

June 12: What Makes a Fish a Fish?
June 19: Dive Into Diversity
June 26: Who Lives in the Sea?
Shown all three days: Once Upon a Tide and Plastic Perils of the Pacific

On these days, children with a KIDS FIRST! coupon will be admitted to the Aquarium FREE with a paying adult.

Check out all the Aquarium's Ocean Month events at

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